Music Concert Financial Model

Music Concert Financial Model
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This resource comes with a variety of worksheets to support pupils in the completion of the task set. They include: tables to write in inputs, processes, outputs; Design Sheet for table data; Testing Plan Table, Evaluation Section. Also provided is an Extension Activity to learn some higher level skills such as, using IF Functions, Validating – User Input Drop Down Lists, Vlookup Tables, and Goal Seek.

Scenerio: MusicPromo is a company who set up music concerts.  They are currently not making enough profit from each concert to pay their staff.  They would like you to create a system to help identify their business finances to see if there are ways to increase profit.  The manager is paid a minimum of £20,000 for each concert; while 8 other staff members recieve £5,000 each.  Pupils need to work through the tasks outlined in the worksheet provided, and with supprt from the teacher must follow the systems life cycle approach.  Group discussion work will help pupils to identify the appropriate inputs, processes, and outputs.

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