Primary ICT Resources (Data Handling)

Primary ICT Resources (Data Handling)
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Dentist Database

Pupils will learn the basic skills of setting up a database structure by adding field names and field sizes.  They will enter a couple of records into the table to test that they have set up the system correctly.  If the design is not correct then they will learn the reasons why through enquiry and question and answer sessions.  The database file already has a table of data set out for pupils to use for the remainder of the task.  They will learn how to sort the table and find specific information to answer questions set out in their worksheet.


Mythical Creatures Spreadsheet

This worksheet will teach pupils the skills to read through a worksheet and identify the appropriate answers and to add to the input system using the drop down menus to choose.  Pupils will then complete a class questionnaire on paper and the results will be entered in by either the teacher or a selected pupil from the group.  All pupils will then enter the figures into their own spreadsheet file and learn how to create appropriate charts/graphs to represent the data in the best form.

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