Advertising Leaflet / E-mail

Advertising Leaflet / E-mail
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1st Part of Task – Advertising Leaflet

Pupils will produce a new advertising leaflet.  They will initially create a detailed drawn design of the leaflet using 2 sides of A4 paper, which can be printed back-to-back and folded into a booklet.  (Two example leaflets are provided with the resource)

Pupils will need to understand the design specification such as: making sure the leaflet is attractive, it has a consistent colour scheme, and provides a really good impression.  Pupils need to use a digital camera to add images, and do some research on the internet to obtain relevant information to put into the leaflet.


2nd Part of Task – E-mail

Pupils will use the school e-mail facility to send messages to local businesses and schools, which will have the leaflet attached.  To enable them to do this they will need to research to find out local business and school e-mail addresses.

Pupils will learn how to send simple e-mails, e-mails with file attachments, and group e-mails.

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