ICT Theory Worksheets

ICT Theory Worksheets
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A selection of worksheets to help pupils learn about ICT Theory. Worksheets are created to cater for pupils of varying levels and abilities. Topics included in this resource are:

Software– Pupils will learn about applications software such as MS Office Programs, Graphics Programs.  The worksheet also covers Systems Software and the Operating System.

Hardware – This worksheet could be used in conjusction with an internet research task for pupils to identify the hardware images of a computer system.

Components of a Computer – Pupils will identify the interanl parts of a computer system.  They will also learn about the CPU and Computer Memory.

Inputs & Outputs – Naming the different inputs and outputs in a table.  Pupils will be given information on part of the worksheet about the different types of devices and answer questions in a table below.

Inputs/Outputs/Storage – Pupils must label the devices in the top part of the sheet and are awarded specific marks if they can give a use for the device.  Similar format to an exam style question.  Pupils will also learn about storage capacity.

Networks and Communication – A variety of questions are given to aid the learning of a variety of communication methods, including: e-mail, internet, ATM systems, broadband, etc. 

Systems Life Cycle – This simple worksheet gives a scenario situation about a cafe business and the pupils need to identify and explain the life cycle development for the company.

Data Capture Methods – 2 Worksheets for this task.  1st worksheet is information relating to the many data capture methods such as: OMR, OCR, MICR, etc.  The 2nd worksheet is for pupils to answer a variety of questions in different forms to show their understanding of data capture methods.

Computer Systems – The 1st two worksheets are information given about computer systems such as the links between the hardware and software. It gives examples of the program and system software, which reinforces learning from an earlier worksheet in this resource. It also develops the information about the operating system and includes learning of the following: GUI's, Features of an Operating System, Utilities, Multi-tasking, etc. The 3rd worksheet is a question sheet on this topic.

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