ICT Computer Science 3D Environment (Moon Disco)

ICT Computer Science 3D Environment (Moon Disco)
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This resource will help pupils’ learn about programming in a 3D application.  It can be used in your computer science lessons.  The resource is a set of worksheets Parts 1, 2, 3a, and 3b.  The pupils’ will learn many skills such as: adding objects to the World Environment and making changes such as resizing, moving, rotating, etc; Creating Events for example, [when the movie plays use the mouse to control the camera angle]; Creating Methods to perform routines and sub routines; Creating Parameters and Variables; Changing the Properties of Objects; Adding Sound Effects; Using Loop, Do Together and other functions.

Pupils’ will use a range of ICT tools and technique to solve problems and create ideas for the example movie – Moon Disco.  The worksheets provide step-by-step instructions for the pupils’ to follow but these are only guidelines or building blocks for learning the software program.  Pupils should be encouraged to modify the examples to suit their own specification.

They will learn how to use sequences of sets of instructions to develop models and be able to test predictions and change the rules to discover patterns and relationships.  They will be more aware of the repeating groups of instructions and use techniques to make their programming more efficient.  They will learn how to review, modify and evaluate work as a result of testing and feedback as they progress through the tasks.

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