KS3 ICT Homework Worksheets

KS3 ICT Homework Worksheets
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A selection of worksheets to help pupils consolidate their learning in the classroom. Worksheets are created to cater for pupils of varying levels and abilities. Topics included in this resource are:

Databases – Pupils will learn about field sizes, data types, advantages/disadvantges of databases, search criteria, and more.

Spreadsheets – Pupils have to analyse the spreadsheet shown and answer questions relating to the information given.

Database – Pupils have to analyse the database shown and answer questions relating to the information given.

Problem Solving – Pupils will be given two problems they have to solve.  They must use the information given to unravel the thinking skills puzzles.

Professional Formatting – Pupil will learn some of the important features needed to make a document look professional in the layout.  They will also be able to learn about e-safety as they read throught the worksheet notes.

Sequencing Instructions – Fun task for pupils to use a set of instructions to move the football player around the cones in order to shoot at goal.

All About E-mail – Pupil to be given a set of questions relating to most parts of an e-mail system.  They will learn about file attachments, registered mail, urgent mail, advantages and disadvantages of e-mail, and much more.

Crossword Puzzle – This puzzle is a mainly for pupils with good thinking skills.  They have to idenfity the correct words to fit into the crossword as no clues are provided.

Match the Icons – Pupils to use a set of words and match them with the correct icons in the table.  They will then answer a set of questions relating to other icons they may have used on the computer.

Mathematical Icons – This is a cross-curricular worksheet related to Maths.  Pupils must try to work out the calcuations for the icons shown in the questions.

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