KS4 ICT Homework Tasks

KS4 ICT Homework Tasks
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A selection of worksheets to help pupils consolidate their learning in the classroom.  Worksheets are created to cater for pupils of varying levels and abilities.   Topics included in this resource are:

Mobile Technologies – Pupils will learn about many varying technologies available, features of the technology, and asked to answer questions using tick option or written methods.

Identifying ICT Problems – Pupils are given 5 scenarios about using computer technology.  With the information given they have to identify the problems that occur.

ICT in Society – Information about the advantages and disadvantages of using ICT in various working environments.  Exam style questions awarding marks depending on quality of answer given.

Social Networking – Naming the different social network sites by looking at the logos.  Answering questions about social networking such as: risks, types of sites, using the sites, etc.

Home Entertainment Systems – Pupil given a 5 million budget to spend on any technology they would like to have in their car or house of the future.  They need to name the technology, its features and specification.

Car Entertainment Systems – You want to impress your friends with the latest entertainment systems for your new car.  You’ve bought some of the systems shown in the pictures below but your friends are asking you what features and specifications do they have.  Write down in the boxes what make, model, features and specs you would like for your car.

Validation & Verification – Pupil given a revision worksheet with information relating to the topic.  They will use another worksheet to answer questions from the revision such as presence, type, and range checks.  Input data methods.

Health & Safety – Learning about health and safety issues from the user to the employer, at home or workplace.  True or False questions plus linking text to the appropriate images.

Inputs / Outputs / Storage – Puzzle style worksheet.  Pupils have to read through clue and answer questions to name the device and whether its an Input, Output, or Storage Device.

Networks & Communication – Learning about the different types of network topology.  Pupils will use the internet to research this topic.  Answer questions on a worksheet in relation to different types of communication methods.

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