ICT Assessing Pupil Progress System KS3

ICT Assessing Pupil Progress System KS3
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Assessing Pupil Progress (APP) can sometimes be a difficult task. This excellent system design aims to provide a solution to enable you to find a structured approach to assessment of ICT at Key Stage 3. Each area of assessment has several related tasks where pupils can meet the standards set out in the National Curriculum. You can change these tasks to suit your resources or use the related resources provided on this website.

All work outlined on each assessment sheet (AF1, AF2 and AF3) enable pupils’ to progress from level 3-8. Please note: The system has been designed assuming that pupils will follow a natural progression of learning from level 3 working up to level 8. The points system is based on pupils completing work in each level.

The system has been set up so you only have to input the minimum of data to produce a printout of the termly or yearly assessment of a pupil. For example – When pupils' complete tasks you will look at the assessment criteria and put scores - 3's for Level 3 work, 4's for Level 4 work, and so on. You do this on AF1, AF2, and AF3 sheets and then the pupils scores are automatically accumulated and eventually equated to a National Curriculum Level on the pupil assessment sheet. Space is provided for teacher comments.

Most of the worksheets related to this system are colour coded so you can quickly assess work completed for a particular level. For example, most worksheets for level 3 are blue. Tasks often overlap with work in different levels so it is difficult to colour code all worksheets, for example, the Music Concert has work, which meets criteria in 3 different levels of the system.

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