Computer Science (InviteAPP) - Developing a Phone Application

Computer Science (InviteAPP) - Developing a Phone Application
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The InviteAPP resource will give you the opportunity to develop a simple design and learn basic programming skills for creating a Mobile Phone Application.  You will be provided with a step-by-step guide to create an interface for (a website company, which sells party invitations).  The material in this resource is aimed at beginner to intermediate level.  You will enhance your knowledge and have a better understanding of the computer programming language C# and be able to work efficiently in the Expression Blend Program Environment.

The example application InviteAPP has some parts realistic for use if developed professionally.  However, parts are just to show examples to aid your knowledge and understanding of developing an application.  You will be provided with a set of skills to be able to create the Application Interface and apply some basic functionality with programming code.

Overview of the Application

When the user opens up the Invite APP he/she will be presented with a Main Menu screen.  This will have a logo, heading, and a message for the user to choose one of the 4 invitations on show.  For the purpose of this example, you will only be using the Girls Party icon (depending on the pupil’s you teach you can change this as you learn the skills in this project).  The user will choose this icon and will navigate to the next screen.  This page will display several input boxes for the user to personalise their invitation.  The user must enter the party details in the top section, add the number of invitations they require in the bottom section, and choose the Update Cost button to work out the Total Cost. This total cost will automatically be displayed in the appropriate box on the page.  Once the user has added all of the party details required then they will click on the Create Invite button.  They will then be taken to a page that shows an example invitation.  On the invitation page the Buy Now button is just for show and has no functionality applied to it.

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