Computer Science (TravelAPP) - Developing a Phone Application

Computer Science (TravelAPP) - Developing a Phone Application
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This resource has been developed to help you teach many aspects of a Computer Science or Programming Course. You will have full access to a 65 page booklet full of examples and step-by-step worksheets. You will be given the full working application with over 50 files to show your pupils an example of a professional phone application. The booklet provides you with an example project for development of a Phone Application. You will enhance your knowledge of the computer programming language C#, and be able to design an application using Microsoft Visual Studio Software.

The project covers a range of subject content relating to computer science and will aid your understanding of the following: Procedures and Functions | Constants, Variables, and Data Types | String and Integer Values | Input Scopes | Properties and Events | Error Handling and Debugging | Algorithms | Structures | System Data Flow | Pseudocode | Phone Emulators | Storage | QueryStrings | Page Navigation | Objects and Controls | plus much more.

The example application project is based on a Travel Company. You will develop the TravelAPP. This is an application you would download to a mobile phone. When travelling on a bus you would pay for your journey using credits instead of by cash. There are three main sections to work through with your pupils. The first section (Designing the Application) provides you with an introduction to the initial problem; drawn designs of the user interface for each screen; data flow diagrams; and pseudocode so you can understand the programming code in simple English terms. The second section (Application Solution) gives you a step-by-step guide for creating the TravelAPP. The third section (Examining the Programming Code) will help you to understand the programming language and techniques used to add functionality to your application.

The application has been developed by using a number of different controls and programming techniques. The solution takes you through a range of different tools, controls, and programming skills to use in your teaching. You will be provided with many high level examples of work that your pupils will need to learn if they are to produce a quality project. The step-by-step guide to develop the application has been thoroughly tested by non specialists in the computer programming field. It is a user friendly guide with screen shots, important notes, hints and tips to help you produce the application.

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